Certificate course on ‘Strategic Business Communication”

October 3, 2006

Prime Point Foundation a non profit organisation announces a certificate course on “strategic business commmunication” course for corporate executives. The course will be for 15 days (Saturday evenings) at 3 hours each. In this skill based programme, the participants will be havinbg opportunity to interact with many eminent people. For more details visit



Podcast on “team building and leadership”

October 3, 2006

Please listen to the poodcast of Mr T S Raghavan, former Chairman of Indian Bank, in conversation with K. Srinivasan. Mr Raghavan speaks about team building and leadership.

Please visit the following link


Corporate ezine on Blogs

September 28, 2006

Screenshot of Sep 06 issue of PR-e-SenseSep 06 issue of Corporate ezine ‘PR-e-Sense’ is released. PR-e-Sense is a monthly e-magazine published by Prime Point Foundation. This ezine focusses on one theme every month. Sep 06 issue focusses on “Corporte Blogs”. This ezine is also inegrated with podcasts of Mr Amit Agarwal (India’s No 1 professional blogger), Mr Kiruba (India’s earliest and popular blogger) and Mr Naavi (Cyber law consultant).

You may download the ezine (180 k in pdf file) and listen to podcasts from the following link


Podcast – “Counseling for stress and anxiety”

September 17, 2006

Mr K Adhivarahan

Today many of the yongsters, whether married or single, suffer from work pressure due to competition. This mental pressure, leads to strained relationship at family level also. If this mental pressure and stress remain unchecked, may lead to various helath problems at a later date.

To overcome such metnal strain, many times, we may need ‘counseling’ either by friends, family members or professional counsellors.

Please listen to the podcast in the following link, where Mr K.
Adhivarahan, a senior counsellor explains the issues and solutions for remedy.


Blogcamp 2006 at Chennai – a great show!

September 10, 2006

Sunil Gavaskar addressing the bloggers


Blogcamp 2006 at chennai was well organised. Kudos to kiruba and his friends who took initiative. lot of fun plus information. the sep 06 isue of corporate ezine PR-e-Sense will have a theme on ‘blogs’ and will be based on this blogcamp.

PR-e-Sense is a corporate ezine published by primepointfoundation and chennaiprclub. From August issue, we have integrated this ezine with podcast. the ezines can be downloaded from http://www.primepointfoundation.org